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12/12/16 Gemütlichkeit


It is our good fortune in Detroit to be able to have one of life’s great  experiences  –  coming in out of the cold. On a cold and blustery day where would I like to be? In a warm and cozy place with good food, good drink, good music and good friends.


Gemütlichkeit is a German noun that expresses the feeling  of being cozy and comfortable. The word  holds more meaning than any single English word. We would need a pile of words to say the same thing. It has great meaning for anyone living in a cold and grey climate. Besides meaning the state of being in a warm and cozy place it also describes a public place to gather where you will find good music, good food and good drink. It is also about finding contentment, geniality, hospitality, kindliness along with good will and good fellowship. It is one great word. Especially at this season.


The Dirty Dog is a warm and cozy place that serves excellent music with excellent food and drink, so I asked  some people if Gelütlichkeit best described the Dirty Dog Jazz Café.

I printed the word and showed it to a few patrons and some of the staff at the Dirty Dog until one got it right   Gemütlichkeit says it all, but it turns out that it is harder said than done.

We hope you find gemütlichkeit, including good will and good fellowship at the Dirty Dog and in your home all through the holidays.

John Osler

Here are some attempts to say ” Gemütlichkeit

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