A Quiet Meal

Last week, Diego Rivera and his quartet challenged us to come up with new superlatives.  This week the Dog is giving us the elegant Shahida Nurullah, followed by the classic Cuban jazz group Tumbao Bravo and the great jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan. Wow! In the evening this is the place to get the juices running. .

During the day this is not quite as  exciting a place. It is, however, an oasis from a hectic life

Some mornings can start out rough, mornings where  we start out  by trying to fix yesterday’s mistakes, get reluctant cars going, send balky kids off to school, etc. Fortunately we get to take a lunch break.  On days like this I would suggest that you treat yourself to a quiet meal at the Dirty Dog Jazz Café. It is the same Dirty Dog where some of the best jazz in America happens. During the day, the drum set is mute. The music is  is turned down to allow conversations and laughter to fill this warm cozy place. It’s like coming home from school on a winter’s day to your mother’s cooking. It’s a chance to unwind before a challenging afternoon.  The same chefs and staff are on hand to make you feel special. The only pressure you will have is deciding your fare because Chef Andre is always adding new dishes to the menu. The regulars who lunch at the Dog  will tell you it can be habit forming. Can there be too much of a good thing? Maybe not. Give yourself a treat, lunch at the Dirty Dog.

John Osler

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