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Cooling Down Heating up


This morning it was a little cool . One more layer was needed to go outside. We had to bundle for the first time this summer. It is hard to believe that the temp was hovering around 90 under a blazing sun for Detroit’s Jazz Festival just last week.. Some seats at the festival were even empty because they where in direct sun. Many  sought cover from the heat. What we would give to be listening to music under the warmth of our good friend, the sun come winter. We are pretty smart sometimes and don’t hold our outdoor festivals in December. As great as Detroit’s joyous festival is, it is still a harbinger of falling leaves and falling temperatures, but not falling spirits. Detroiters are strange and take pride in enduring our trials including harsh winters. We think we are stronger for persevering. We learn to kick off the slush and rub off the cold on our hands and then go and enjoy the warmth of a winter friendly place like the Dirty Dog Jazz Café. It isn’t just because they turn the furnace on. It is a combination of warm food, comforting service and a lot of hot music.



Sandwiching the hot days of the festival were saxophonists David McMurray and Tia Fuller who both turned their musical furnace up with scorching sets that kept our body temperatures in summer mode. Tia played with three Detroit aces who through their playing explained the concept of compatibility – Miles Brown, Nate Winn, and especially Ian Finkelstein.


Ian was called to fill in with only 24 hours notice. Ian is a quick study. Detroit builds in an ability to adapt. Well done Ian.


Miles kept the heat turned up on Friday and Saturday with his great band.

Going into the fall the Dirty Dog won’t slacken. They will do their part. All we will need to keep the joint cozy will be some vigorous foot tapping from the patrons.                         Next week Johnny Trudell will bring his impressive resumé and trumpet to the Dog, followed by  Detroit’s favorite all girl band Straight Ahead, Randy Napoleon, Sean Dobbins, Aaron Diehl and the Jazzfest All-Stars. By the time December comes around Cecille McClorin Salvant will be there to keep us toasty.

I will miss the sun and having meals outside but knowing I will have a chance of eating and listening in one of the warmest and friendliest joints in town makes me feel warm inside. And I also know it’s Michigan and we will still probably need the air conditioner again.

John Osler

Here are a few more shots.




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