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Sometimes at the Dirty Dog the enthusiasm for the music and the place leads to unforeseen circumstances. While I was photographing the band from the entryway, I was taken by the smiles and good natured banter going on in a group at the large window table. Unfortunately, there was an accidental spill. A disaster, well, no. The music continued, the table cleared, a new tablecloth was placed and then recovered with silverware, glasses and napkins. The music continued and the celebrants never stopped smiling and applauding. This was all done with efficiency and courtesy.

I watched this play out as if it where a non-event. The staff seemed pleased to be of help. No fuss. This isn’t an easy gig, serving food in a small space with grace



I think I was the only one that noticed the resetting of the table, thanks to the invisible staff and the remarkable service at the Dirty dog Jazz Café.

John Osler

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