Kimmie Horne!

Starting Wednesday of this week Detroit’s own Kimmie Horne will bring her alto voice to the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe.

Kimmie may be home grown, but she isn’t a secret to to her jazz and R&B fans around the world. This local girl, an internationally acclaimed singer, is in town and will be singing for us at the Dirty Dog.


Reason #1  Kimmie’s voice.

Kimmie was well into a career in R&B when Betty Carter inspired her to include jazz standards in her vocabulary. Kimmie says “ She encouraged me to know what the song’s story is and approach it as if it were mine.”  Kimmie has been a good student, letting her natural gifts soar.

Reason #2 Kimmie connects us to our jazz heritage.

When Kimmie became focused on jazz she concentrated on those who could tell a story. She acknowledges her debt to Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Ella and, of course, Lena Horne.

“These five ladies exude vocal richness, clarity in telling a story through warm, beautiful, heartfelt tones and impeccable phrasing that still leaves me breathless,” said Horne.

Reason #3 The band. Al McKenzie- Keyboards, Darrell( Peanut ) Smith on bass, Richard Willis on piano and Jeff Canady on the drums

It is going to be like a family affair as Kimmie and these guys go way back. They speak the same language. Kimmie has immersed herself in studying all facets of jazz including most of the great horn players. In her voice we can hear the phasing and tone of these masters. When she and her friends take off together on a tune they are starting from the same platform. These guys can soar on his own or complement their singer pal.This band of musicians are indeed friends, which allows them to be playful.

Reason #4  A chance to smile.

The band’s friendship is contagious. Even though some of the tunes are soulful stories and you can feel the blues origins, you end the evening feeling good.

Reason # 5 A chance to thank Gretchen Valade for all she has done.

Gretchen has created one of America’s best jazz clubs.

Reason #6 Support live music while having the time of your life.

Detroit needs you to once again get out to hear live music every chance you get.

Reason #7  Intimate venue.

A small club gives the musicians a chance to Interact with the audience. Kimmie takes full advantage. She sings and talks directly to each night’s guests. Everyone leaves friends.

Reason #8 A Detroit Product

Kimmie is a headliner who has had a chance to play major venues with great musicians. Her home is Detroit. We get to see her in the company of people she knows. When she plays in Detroit it is special. Come on out.

Two bonus reasons

Reason # 9  The food and the service.

The Dirty Dog offers the complete package. One look or one listen and you will know that Kimmie Horne is a class act.  You will be getting a meal to match,

Reason # 10 A chance to spend time with Kimmie Horne and her band.

No flash photos please.

Here are a slew of photographs I have taken of Kimmie and some friends in past years at the Dirty Dog

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