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I often put things off that need to be done and some things that I would really like to do…. until next year. This week next year is a year away, meanwhile I will try to do those good things that I put off until this year. That means I should right away listen to more jazz, find reasons to laugh and tackle some personal art projects.

Every year we get a chance to start over. We get one more chance to get it right. We get a  fresh start, and at the same time we get to hold on to the good things that we already have. 2017 seems like that moment. I am looking forward to having  conversations about the coming year and the positive events as they happen. I hope to talk to and photograph those who will be helping make Detroit a better place to live. Music will continue to show us the way. There is something special happening around us in Detroit, and the Dirty Dog will be celebrating the resurgence of live music in our city with innovative programs and adventurous menus.




Again this year I will expose my weakness for jazz and all the really nice people who play the music in my home town. There will be blogs about  food. Chef André and Chef Eli will help us better understand their approach to preparing the special fare served at the Dirty Dog. They will share with us techniques, processes  and recipes.

We will explore the reasons that musicians and fans make the claim that the Dirty Dog Jazz Café is the best jazz club in America.

The creative process in the arts and music will be discussed with other artists. We will also meet many of the staff and musicians that provide such a perfect environment for all that jazz. We will continue the search to find what makes it tick.

An important ongoing story will be the growth of jazz and the incredible programs  and teachers in our schools. We will spotlight these teachers. The folks at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe will continue to do what they can to bring the story of jazz and its force to the communities.  Jazz will be in good hands in 2017.

Our community has passed through some systemic stress and we now sit at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to define our future. Jazz musicians have to have a sense of vision mixed with a solid foundation that comes from knowing your roots. I will ask Detroit artists what their vision is for Detroit and its music.


AFTER 2016 ?

In the last few years year street lights have come back on. Building cranes can be seen where only hope lived before. Ideas have started to be listened to. We have allowed ourselves to enjoy the good things that have always been here along with the shiny new things that have been added.

Ron Carter in his role as artist in residence played four gigs at the Detroit Jazz Festival last Labor day weekend. The crowds who are known for being the world’s most knowledgeable group of fans in jazz knew what they were hearing and were remarkably civil, as many had to  listen at a distance. There was no complaining, There was only appreciation. That was the kind of year it was.

We could finally afford to appreciate what we have.


2016 was an election year and we had a lot of talk about winners and losers. 2017 offers  us a chance to recover. Listening to jazz is a good way to turn your head around.  Jazz music teaches us that to succeed everyone has to be  a winner. There will be new challenges to be faced and new energy to be tapped. We will all have new stories to tell about the upbeat happenings all around us.

The Dirty Dog we will be celebrating the resurgence of live music with innovative programs and adventurous menus. The Dog will continue to be the place to unwind, to celebrate and to be reinvigorated.


John Osler


The Dirty Dog gets the year off to a fast start this week with Randy Napoleon at the wheel. Randy has guaranteed us that he will bring some mellow sounds and his magical smile to all those coming in out of the cold.


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