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July is here and we have plenty to celebrate in Michigan . Crops planted this spring will be ripe and ready to eat. We will be able to sample some music outdoors on warm summer evenings, and music concerts and festivals will abound.

July in Michigan requires restraint when entering the grocery store and special caution when you come upon a fresh fruit stand. This is loose clothes season in Michigan. Our great local produce starts showing up, and it all goes well at a picnic. At the Dirty Dog Chef Andre and his crew will use Michigan’s rich fresh bounty that is  available only at this time of year. Standing and clapping at all of Michigan’s summer events will help balance out the mouth watering fare.



It is the start of our local blueberry season. I was surprised to see the slogan Pure Michigan  pasted on the carton of berries.. The State of Michigan has for along time run commercials  that highlight the natural beauty of Michigan. Michigan is an easy sell with its great and small pristine lakes carved out by ancient glaciers. These same glaciers also brought down rich soil from Canada leaving fertile flat farmland and friendly small towns. Driving north the landscape changes to  rolling hills and forests. This glorious state has inspired an appropriate ad theme,


Here is Michigan’s idea for promoting the state.

Here is Louisiana idea for promoting its state.

NOTICE A DIFFERENCE?                                                                       Louisiana gets us excited by using its unique music.

New Orleans and Detroit are two of the greatest musical destinations in the world. New Orleans never fails to use its music to lure the world to visit the city. They always seem proud of their storied tradition. I believe that Detroit should think of incorporating one of its greatest assets, the rich music scene, into all of their promotions. We draw millions of visitors to our music festivals because the world wants to know what authentic new music Detroit has come up with.  We need to think about promoting our city with a product that already exists – our music.

Detroit shows off its musical riches  with free outdoor music concerts.downtown almost every weekend. Labor Day will bring to downtown Detroit  one of the world’s finest music festivals, the Detroit Jazz Festival.






I have some space where I can paint and store my work.. It is  a magical space above Vivios Restaurant in  Eastern Market. The space is only accessible by going to the third floor of Devries Cheese Shop and then passing through Luis Resto’s music loft. Luis could be anywhere, but chooses to create his art in the top floor of this very old building. He is here because of the sound he gets in this place with its high ceiling and  wood trusses. I would also extend to him the International Award for being a genuinely nice guy. Luis is exceptionally generous with his time, except when it is his time to create some music. He goes deep into his creative cocoon  and is completely unaware of anything or anyone around him. I know to walk quietly through his space and not disturb him when he is lost in his music. He will never look up. His concentration on his craft is inspiring to other artists.


On Saturdays when he is in town he opens up his loft to allow musicians and shoppers at Devries Cheese Shop to wander in. The public is welcome. Many folks wander in not knowing Luis and not really expecting what will likely happen next. If they choose to grab an instrument or a mike and join in, Luis will listen to their contribution and go with it. This is who Luis is: a sound sponge. Luis really listens. Luis is very honest when he talks about how important these encounters are with these  Saturday intruders. He gets so much out of the diverse approaches to music from fellow professionals to kids banging on the drum set. He will listen, file it and maybe use it in his next tune.


In his loft Luis is inspired by all who enter. Here is a video of Luis and a new young friend reacting to each other. Luis can turn everything into music. These two young souls danced and made music together

This is another  reason to stay in town this July.

TAD WEED Pianist, educator, and  composer

“Pianist Tad Weed displays a very rare ability to cross over from dashing bop lines to rich impressions, he has the bases covered, from funky blues to the border of the avant-garde.”

-Leonard Feather

What better way to celebrate July in Michigan than to come out to the Dirty Dog to hear a Detroit original, Tad Weed. Tad will swing into the Dirty Dog Jazz Café this coming week.  He has enormous talent that he uses with grace.

We have a lot to be thankful for, living in such a beautiful and vibrant state in the Month of July. Pure joy.

John Osler




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