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The Gathering

Every labor day weekend,  Detroit holds an annual gathering of musicians. jazz fans and old friends.It is called the Detroit Jazz Festival. The stated vision for 2014 comes from Martin Luther King’s words “Jazz speaks for life”. Certainly, what we are used to hearing at the festival is a robust explosion of appreciation of life with all its hardships and joys. It is what you would expect from Detroit and its musical heritage.. This year, with the likes of Joshua Redman, Ron Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, Barry Harris, Ramsey Lewis, Regina Carter and scores more bringing their magic to a resurgent city, Hart Plaza will be the place to be.

When one is very good at something they appreciate more intensely the gifts of others. The festival brings together so many accomplished musicians with different stories to tell and ways of telling them.  This community of like spirits gathers annually to celebrate the music and good fellowship.


One of the favorite  gatherings at the Detroit Jazz Festival  happens in the Dirty Dog Jazz Café  food tent. A joyous meeting of jazz fans and players with Chef Andres’ sumptuous Dirty Dog barbeque. It doesn’t get much better than this for good food, prompt service, and the smiles of friends.

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