The Harvest


This week we will give thanks for our good fortune. I give thanks for the folks who came out to the Dirty Dog for four evenings of Detroit jazz last week to hear Marcus Elliot and Robert Hurst. The Dog was bursting with musical energy spurred on by a room full of appreciative faces and clapping hands all at the appropriate moments. Well done, Dirty Doggers..

Thanks Marcus Elliot for introducing us to some new cats and reintroducing us to the music of some of our finest old jazz giants. Detroit jazz lives.

Thank you Robert Hurst for your bravery in following Marcus into the Dog. You came well armed to win us over. You brought a lineup of strong individuals who were all unafraid of adventure. I have seldom seen a group so pleased to be stretching the limits. Robert Hurst and his band exchanged hugs after the set.


The blessing of the harvest happens around the world signaling that the growing season is over and one should think about hunkering down for the winter. I always start the holiday season by thanking whoever it was that decided to have us celebrate Thanksgiving on a Thursday, guaranteeing us a four day holiday. One smart cookie. This gives us three days to recover, to visit with family and to renew old friendships.

Thanksgiving  is a straightforward name for a holiday.  It is a command and an opportunity. We are given this day to be with our family or friends and to express our appreciation for our good fortune. I am always comforted and I am truly thankful when I look around after dinner and see a well fed family warmed by good feelings for one another.


The Dirty Dog Jazz Café will be closed and the music muted on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t  despair, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Alvin Waddles will bring his magic to the club. Alvin knows how to bring the holiday spirit into a room. Take a break, leave the dishes and leftovers for a moment and come with  friends and family to a warm place where large helpings of smiles come with the music, food and drinks.

Everyone at the Dirty Dog Jazz Café wishes all their friends and musical family the warmest of Thanksgivings.

John Osler

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